Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

Ok, I just realized that my last post was my TTT from last week...which means that I've let a whole week go by without updating my blog. Boo on me!

So, my TTT post today is...


Super exciting, I know.

1. Baked layer #1 of a wedding cake.
2. Baked layer #2 of a wedding cake.
3. Baked layer #3 of a wedding cake.
4. Baked layer #4 of a wedding cake.
5. Baked layer #5 of a wedding cake.
6. Frosted all 5 layers.
7. Packed up and transported all 5 layers to Athens, Ga.
8. Stacked all 5 layers to make a pretty wedding cake, if I do say so myself.
9. Enjoyed the wedding in Athens of my cousin.
10. Ate some delicious food (and cake!) at the reception!


Jessica said...

You are talented, girlfriend! Wow!

B said...

um. that is awesome!!!!

oh amanda said...

Love it, Stace! Beautiful as always!!

Deanne said...

love it....so pretty!

mandi said...

Cute post:) And yes it was good & pretty!

Rebekah said...

That cake is awesome.. good job Staci!!

Kat said...

THAT is gorgous!

Jenn said...

You realize I would have probably bombed layers 4-7, right?

Beautiful... as ALWAYS!

And PS... I loved your comment!!! Thanks!!!!!

Lauren Kelly said...

That cake is SOOOO beautiful!!! :O)

Jaclyn said...

Ok, you are SO TALENTED!!! WOW! I love making cupcakes, but they don't come close to this!

Michelle said...

You MADE this cake!? It's beautiful! I wish I was so talented. :) Thanks for the comment on my site! That IS a small world! Jenn Calhoun happens to be one of my very favorite people! I went to Lee too, so that's amazing! I graduated in 06 though, so I must have missed you. :( Thanks for saying hello! I'll have to follow you!

Michelle said...

P.s. i went to the liberty of checking out your "Sweets" blog. You are so fantastically talented! I'll be sure to keep you in mind for when/if I ever get married! :)

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