Monday, March 02, 2009

Puzzle Pieces

Church was great yesterday! Children's church and big church! In children's church, Kraze, we started a new virtue, hope. Even when bad things happen to us, God loves us and has a plan for us.

I have heard that my whole life. And, thankfully, I've always known that to be true in my life. But, I saw it from a whole different perspective in church...children's church!
I love it when that happens!!

Our bible story was about Paul and all the troubles he encountered sailing from Caesarea to the island of Malta. In spite of all this, Paul didn't lose hope. He knew God had a plan for him.

So after that, we gave each group of kids a puzzle to put together. Seems easy enough, right? Well, we didn't give them the box to see what it looked like or the last few pieces. Sneaky!

Of course, they could only go so far and had a hard time putting it together not knowing what it looked like. After a while, we gave them the rest of the pieces and the box. They were so excited to put the whole thing together.

Here's the point:
Our life is just like that puzzle. Some of the pieces are good things in our life and some are bad things. We only see a piece at a time. We can't see the "box" and we don't have all the pieces. But thankfully GOD does! He knows the big picture and He has ALL the pieces. And good and bad, all the pieces make up our life.

And even though bad things happen, we can trust that God loves us and has a plan!

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Kelsey said...

It's such an awesome feeling to know that God not only has all of the pieces to our puzzle but also that HE created them. Thanks for sharing!

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