Monday, June 16, 2008

A Medieval Father's Day

I had the bright idea to do something different for Father's Day this year. Partly because I really couldn't think of a single thing to get my dad, but mainly because I thought it would be something fun to do as a family. We went to Medieval Times. It was quite the experience.

We cheered for the red knight...who, unfortunately, got "killed" pretty early on. There's no utensils so we had to eat with our hands! Messy!

But we had a good time!!

It's definitely something that everyone should experience at least once!


Rebekah's Bits & Pieces said...

Looks like you guys had fun. Jeremiah and I went a few weeks ago and it was fun.

Kat said...

How fun! I'm glad it turned out well!

Sarah Stephens said...

How fun!!!

Cindy said...

How fun Staci!! Great way for the fam to spend time with your Dad!

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