Monday, June 16, 2008

Camp Rocks rocked!

I'm home from one of the most physically challenging, exhausting, tiring, sweaty, mind-numbing weeks of my life. So why do I do it every year?? Because it's CAMP ROCKS! I've been involved with Camp Rocks since the beginning, 2002. However, I've been going to camp since I was in 1st grade. I help direct the week of camp with Cindy who does ALL the prep work leading up to camp. Kristen also works at Camp Rocks and she has a really good post about the week. I had a really good post last year about camp and had every intention of doing that again this year. But for some reason, I found myself more busy than usual. NO time to snap a picture?? What has this world come to?

Here's some of the only pictures I ended up with. It's some of the staff unloading all of our camp supplies back in the storage room after the whole week was over.

These next two pics are so hilarious to me b/c if you knew Jason you would know that the tag on the front of this truck ("Redneck") does NOT match Jason at all!!

Don't year will be a much better post! What are your camping memories?


Rebekah's Bits & Pieces said...

I bet you guys had a blast. I love Camp Rocks and I hope that I'll get to come back soon!!!

mandi said...

Even Disney likes Camp Rocks (minus the S) ... soon everyone will think you're a big Jonas Bros fan (heehee)!

Kat said...

Those pics are so funny! Love it!

Cindy said...

I didn't take any pictures either! And I kind of felt too tired to do much blogging about the week either. You're right- Kristen captured it! I was yawning 'til Tuesday!

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