Sunday, May 25, 2008


Have you ever called 911? I made #3.

#1: I was driving home from church one day and saw an elderly man walking. I could tell he wasn't just out for a stroll because he was dressed up (not in jogging clothes) and he was walking on a street that only serious runners visit. No sidewalks. I didn't think there was any harm in it, so I called 911 and just told them they might want to send someone to check it out.

I realize now that I should've stopped, myself, and asked him if he was ok. Anyways...I hope he was ok.

#2: This one was a little weird. I called 911 on a bullfrog! OK, let me back up. I had gotten an email (thanks, mom) about a new scam theives/murderers were using. They would put a tape recorder of a baby crying or a puppy barking on your front doorstop. The ploy is that you would go out and check on it, then, WHACK! They get you!

So, I kept hearing this "barking". It was constant. I was by myself and it was about 10:00 at night. It wouldn't stop. I thought for sure I had been targeted by a thief. I called my sister who lived around the corner to see if I could stay the night with her. Thankfully, she obliged.

I got in my car, turned it on and opened the garage door. As soon as I could tell my car would clear the door, I put her in her reverse and high tailed it out of there! Once I got there, I called 911. The man on the other end was very nice, but I could tell he was probably rolling his eyes incessantly. I explained about the scam I heard and asked if they could send someone and check out my house. They did and called back a little while later saying they didn't find anything.

A few days later, I heard the SAME noise again!! You have got to be kidding. This time it was earlier in the day, so I poked my head out to see if I could see anything. To my amazement, it was a green frog! I felt like a complete idiot!!

#3: Today, I was driving up and down a major highway near where I live and I saw a car up on an embaknment with all the doors open and man who appeared to be passed out laying across the front seat with his legs hanging out the door. I passed him 3 times and every time, he was in the same position. I thought that maybe he had pulled over and was waiting for someone, but the fact that his car was up on an embankment made me think that maybe he was in an accident. So, I decided to call 911.

When I came by it on the way home, the car was still there, but the doors were shut and the man was gone. I hope everything is ok!

So, have you ever called 911?


Kat said...

Wow! That accident sounds pretty freaky!
I've called a couple of times. (Mostly on drunk drivers late at night, and one in the middle of the morning at Starbucks. I think she was high, actually...)

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

I can't believe that you've called 911 that many times! I have only called once, several months ago. I saw a house fire and there were no emergency vehicles around, so I called 911. It had not been reported, so they sent out the fire trucks right then- I even got to hear the opperator make the call to the fire station!

oh amanda said...

Staci! I can't believe you!

The only time I called 911 was when we tried it at the HS and the cops came, remember?

Anonymous said...
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Brandy said...

I called once a few years back on a really bad wreck that happened in front of me (the lady was literally a car in front of me). It was really bad and I had to get out and try to help until they got there--they even called me at home later to get more info. crazy.

Leigh said...

On a bad driver once. He was going down a highway. Then on the hwy, stopped and decided to go into reverse for some time, then stopped again and went driving wildly. (911 had me following him). About 7 cars pulled him over. I didnt stay to find out what was going on.

Another someone late at night tail gating me so as I couldnt even see their headlights. It starteled me. Dont tail gate me.

The day my then 2 year old son, I noticed was downing his bottle, then realized it was a cleaning product. He was fine. Didnt drink any is what they think. He didnt even go to doctor. Scared me though. He's ok. 18 now. Seems fine. LOL!

Another time was for harrassing calls to my house, saying that the personon the line was going to beat up my son. I was so mad, asking my son (who is very mild mannered, never been in a fight if he'd made someone mad. "No!")It turned out it was a kid down the street who rode the bus with my son. He didnt even know my son and vice versa. He told the officer that he "was bored" and just randomly picked to call our house because he didnt want to call someone he knew b/c they would "know it was him". The officer asked us if we wanted to file harrassment charges (no) and then the officer tracked down momma and the boy never called our house again. It's been 4 years.

Leigh said...

wow that was long.

Anonymous said...

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