Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Alternative Easter Egg Hunt

Easter was a great time with my family. One of our most recent traditions has been my alternative easter egg hunts. Instead of hunting for candy, the hunts are some sort of activity.

The first one I did was a Puzzle Hunt.

The next one was a Lego Hunt.

This year, was a craft hunt. For the boys, I used this car kit.

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And no I did not hide the cars in eggs! What I did was take all the accessories for the cars which were mostly sticker decals. I cut them up and put those in eggs. The kit came with 3 cars so that's what my 3 nephews did. It worked out great.

For my niece, she got a shrinky dink jewelry kit similar to this one:

For this one, I cut up some of the shinky dinks and put them in the eggs along with beads, and the accessories like chains and magnets.

Once the kids found all their eggs, then they all went to the table to open them all. The fun part is that I don't tell them what the activity is beforehand. So here they are opening these eggs with random, weird stickers. Some of them guessed, but then I showed them the box of what they would be doing. And we all got busy crafting!

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ohAmanda said...

Shrinky dinks!! Great idea!!

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