Sunday, April 22, 2012

Alternative Easter Egg Hunt: Painting

If you've been around Simply Staci long enough, you know that I like to spice up the traditional Easter egg hunts.  There's been leggos, puzzles, and crafts.

Each year, it gets a little more difficult to think of something new, but this year we did paintings!

In each egg, I put stickers of each letter of the kids' names.  Then I put various stickers of hobbies they were into.

Each kid was then given an 8 1/2 " by 11" canvas where they placed all their stickers. 

Once they were in place, they painted all over it.  This was hard for the kids to understand.  They really liked the stickers and didn't want to "mess them up" by painting over them.
After the canvas was painted, they removed the stickers to reveal their masterpiece!

Ok, so this is mine, but look how purty!  But here's a finished product:
They really enjoyed it and had a good time!

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