Friday, November 11, 2011

Saturday Stumbles

It's mid November...and I'm putting up my Christmas decorations!!  Yep!  It's a lot sooner than I would normally put them up, but I've got Thanksgiving plans and want to go ahead and get them up.

Part of my Thanksgiving plans involve a long road trip and I'll be looking for some books to pass the time.  Here are few I've stumbled across this week!

Plan a Fabulous Party {without losing your mind}
My friend, Mary, just put out her first ebook!  Party planning is something I LOVE, but it can definitely be overwhelming if you let it.  Mary's got some great tips about to pull off those beautifully themed parties...without losing your mind!

Although I've never met Amy in real life, I know we'd be friends.  She has just launched her ebook Entangled.  It's her story and triumph of an emotional affair she had with a co-worker.  How brave is she!

 The End of Molasses Classes
I'm always looking for ways to improve in the classroom and Ron Clark is definitely one to get some tips from.

Your turn!  Link up below your stumbles from the week!


Kristen said...

Ah, roadtrips! That's always a great time to listen to books. I didn't realize Ron Clark had a new book out. It does look good! I think I need to read this, too. Have fun decorating!

Steph said...

Molasses Classes is a cool book. It made me view the way I graded papers in a brand new way.

Amy Bennett said...

Thanks so much for sharing!! And YES, we'd totally be IRL friends!

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