Friday, November 20, 2009

Things that Made me Happy Today!

50% off of all Christmas decor here:

These little grocery carts. I just love them! They're the perfect size in between the regular cart and the basket. Genius!

I also love that the holidays bring out special, once a year food treats!

What made you happy today?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE all those too!!!!! Glad you are SO HAPPY!! See you in a little while for some "cousin/family" time!!!!

Love ya - mom

Taylor said...

oh i love those things! im so glad i came across your blog its so cute!

babybloomr said...

What made me happy today? Hmmm. Well, I'd have to say that Russ Taff Christmas album... :)

Kat said...

Those peppermint milkshakes are TO DIE FOR! I made my entire family stop on the way to our Christmas Eve party last year and get one. Delicious!

Catie said...

I have never seen those carts! Are they everywhere or just certain stores?
I want one.

- Oh Amanda's sil (Catie)

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