Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

Top ten projects I want to accomplish this summer:

1. Jewelry Organizer

2. Organize files. I brought home about 8 years worth of files from school. (I'm actually almost done with this one!)

3. Pressure wash my house. Any suggestions?

4. Organize/Decorate/Design my spare bedroom. My roommate who's been with me for about 4 years now is getting married!!

5. Read this book:

Recommended to me by my good friend, Kristen

6. Clean my garage. It's not cluttered, just dirty. I can honestly say that I've probably never swept it since I moved in almost 6 years ago.

7. Go to a chiropractor. About 10 years ago I fell out of an attic. Just slid all the way down the stairs on my rear. It hurt a little at first, but honestly I was fine. Well, I've come to realize that I probably broke/fractured my tailbone because I noticed that if I sat back certain ways, I could really feel it. Fast forward to about a year ago is when I started noticing that my lower back was now beginning to hurt. It has really intensified the last few months. It's not excruciating and it's not all the time, but bending over certain ways really takes a concerted effort on my part. I can also tell that if I sit or stand for really long periods of time it hurts. So I'm thinking I need an adjustment or something. But my fear of doctors has prevented me from going sooner. However with summer here I now have no excuses. We'll see...

8. GET ON A BUDGET!! With my roommate moving out in few days, I'll be missing that extra money I've been depending on! I'd like to get into coupons, but I don't know if I have the patience for it.

9. Spend one day where I don't leave the house.

10. Blog more!!

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Kat said...

Great list! I love that jewelry organizer! I'm not a chiropractor person, but I bet they could help your back a lot!

Mandi @ It's come to this said...

It will be fun to redecorate the guest room:) And after you finish your list, you can come & help me re-paint "the moon"!!

Blondie said...

I have wanted to make one of those organizers for years. Maybe some day...

Becky said...

That jewelry organizer is cool!

Storm said...

Good luck with getting all of your projects done this summer. Happy TT.

Jessica said...

I loved reading your list! I know I could use some more organization with my jewelry too!

Yes, we each get $500 for classroom supplies. It is nice! : )

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