Sunday, May 06, 2007


Alright...I've been tagged to write seven random facts about myself. Here goes:

1. I just finished grad school!!
2. When I was in middle school (or younger) I was babysitting some kids at church during a choir rehearsal and while I was changing one of their diapers, I turned my back for a second to grab a new diaper and she rolled off the counter onto the floor. I never told her mom to this day! (I have learned my lesson all you new mommies out there!)
3. I am SO upset that Eric & Danielle won TAR, but SO glad that Mirna & Shmirna didn't!
4. I have never in my life touched a cigarette.
5. I know practically every word to Old Yeller.
6. The thought of licking construction paper makes my hair stand on end.
7. I have had the same checking account for 16 years.

So...there you go. Unfortunately, I don't know any one else to tag.


Amanda said...

licking construction paper?! lol!

Cindy said...

Old Yeller? The movie? Or is it a song? What???

Anonymous said...


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